Consider the following-

We have nine justices in the supreme court. The average age of newly appointed justices is 53, average retirement age is 78.7 years, and average tenure is 16 years- though some serve much longer: 34, 35 or even 36 years.

[“Typically, a president is going to have one or two Supreme Court nominees during the course of his presidency…the current Supreme Court has at least four members who would overturn Roe v. Wade. All it takes is one more for that to happen.” (Obama)]

We currently have four supreme court justices in their 70’s: Breyer (74), Kennedy (76), Scalia (76), and Ginsburg (79). Romney, if elected, could have the opportunity to appoint FOUR supreme court judges. And all that is needed to tip the balance is one. Just one.

Now look at the big picture. I’m 17. If a justice were to be appointed in the next four years and only serve an average term, I would be anywhere from 33-37 years old at the time of them stepping down. At that age, I’d likely already have had children (if I chose to do so), have bought my own house, and—were I not a redhead—my hair would already be beginning to go gray. If you were in the NFL, you’d already be retired. You’d be old enough to run for senate. If you were a smoker, your life expectancy would be halfway over. 

The fact of the matter is this- electing a president isn’t really a four-year decision, or even an eight-year one. The decisions—and their consequences—made during a presidency have the potential to last long after the president moves on. 

This decision isn’t just about the voters. I’m seventeen- I can’t vote. I have no say in an election that will inevitably affect the rest of my life. MY rights are on the line, but I am four months shy of being old enough to fight for them. 

If you have children, they will be the product of the choices made today. They will be affected as much as, or even more so, than you and I. Don’t be so quick to disregard the rights of others, because you someday might love someone who wasn’t treated with enough respect to be given the same rights as you.

Today, those of you who are eighteen or over have the responsibility of making the right choice for America.

So vote. And think before you do.


I hope everyone who can, plans on getting this sticker today. #Vote


I hope everyone who can, plans on getting this sticker today. #Vote


remember: if you don’t vote, you have no right to bitch about it for the next four years. 

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go vote. get off the tumblr and VOTE.

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Cowardice, indeed.

Cowardice, indeed.

So tomorrow is FINALLY election day…


I am going to hide in a god damned bunker all day

Lord have mercy

Regardless of who wins shit is going to go down and if Romney wins women will no longer exist


Romney Airdrops Two Billion in Small Bills Over Ohio


In an all-out effort to claim Ohio’s precious eighteen electoral votes, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney today airdropped two billion dollars in small bills over the Buckeye State.

The Romney campaign is hoping that the crisp currency, shipped directly from Las Vegas to Ohio by casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, will help close the gap with President Obama in the waning hours of the campaign.


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